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Our Story

ancient wisdom now™

We believe there’s a secret to harnessing your day and night. A secret rooted in the ancient herbal wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, combined with high-tech formulations and modern convenience. While sourcing powerful Chinese herbs isn’t likely on your to-do list, it is on ours. The NuTraditions way offers fast-acting, convenient remedies crafted from traditional ingredients that target the root cause. We aim to bring balance, helping you feel your best all day long. Consider it instant gratification, 1,000 years in the making.

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a better way to begin the day

One morning it hit me. After another sleepless night with my newborn (now toddler), while brewing my second pour-over, I had an epiphany. I realized there was a better way to start each day. If only I could infuse my grandmother’s herbal wisdom into my daily routine, I wouldn’t need so many darn cups of coffee to beat the fatigue and maintain my energy throughout the day. And that’s how NuTraditions was born.

Despite my dentist’s encouragement, I don’t floss every time I brush my teeth. I choose a face wash that exfoliates while it cleanses. And while Grandma (we call her “Po Po”) always reminded me to take my ginseng and other herbal remedies as a kid, as an adult, I rarely heed her advice to use those herbs on the daily. Those extra steps I know I should take, just never seem to materialize. But deep down, I knew that the herbal wisdom I benefited from as a child growing up in Oakland, California could help me now. On that sleepy morning years ago, I decided I needed to better incorporate the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into my daily life. Influenced by California’s innovative spirit and my decades spent working with herbal remedies, I’ve created products to help someone like me—someone who wants to practice self-care but can’t find the time to do it—feel better fast, naturally.

I founded NuTraditions on the belief that if we can make it easy to access Traditional Chinese Medicine, a holistic healing practice, we can all live a better life. You don’t need to spend hours in a steamy kitchen waiting for your herbs to simmer. Being healthy does not need to be that complicated.

Portrait of Dr. Bing Yin Lee

Dr. Lee at Traditional Chinese Medicine event in Hong Kong.

Portrait of Dr. Bing Yin Lee

rooted in tradition

This brand is created in homage to my grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee. She was a vision of elegance, wisdom, and strength. She was charming, impeccably dressed, and always sporting her signature red lipstick. Most importantly, she received her medical degree in 1935 at a time when women typically didn’t get to practice medicine (or enter the workforce, for that matter). She was a trendsetter, an inspiration to and healer of many.

My grandmother had the misfortune of contracting a severe case of typhoid fever as a teenager in Shanghai. Western-trained doctors declared her incurable, but her father wouldn’t give up. He sought the best Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners in the area, hoping for an alternative. My great-grandfather vowed to send his daughter to study TCM should she survive. When she pulled through, he sent his daughter to the Chinese Medical Institute of Shanghai. She had lived in sunny California since moving to the U.S. in 1974, when she brought decades of clinical experience to her new medical practice in San Francisco’s Chinatown. In 1984, she became one of the first licensed acupuncturists in the state. I have vivid memories of her delicious herbal soups and nourishing decoctions, seemingly magical “potions” that took her hours to steep each day. Po Po lived to age 100, and she passed away peacefully in 2009.

I am the third generation in my family to share our love of herbs and the ancient practice of TCM with people here in the U.S. We create products to suit today’s hectic lifestyle, always mindful of Grandma’s spirit and the TCM principles she held dear. Her passion, integrity, and commitment to quality guides all that we do.

quality-obsessed traceability

We are inspired by my grandmother’s legacy and a desire to help you live better. NuTraditions began so we could share our family’s know-how and herbal experience to help you tackle your busy day. All of the herbs in our offerings undergo extensive testing via multiple methods, and we work directly with those growing and crafting the ingredients to ensure our products’ safety and efficacy.

Our testing methods include macroscopy, microscopy, and chemical constituent testing in accordance with the Chinese Pharmacopeia. We know that quality begins at the source, and that’s why we take incredible care with every ingredient, every herb. For instance, our coffee beans are single-origin from small-scale, organic, and fair-trade farms situated in renowned coffee-growing regions in Central and South America. The beans are then expertly roasted and ground for our Good Morning Sunshine capsules. We dose each pod, rather than each batch, with organic, standardized red ginseng extract, ensuring more consistency in every cup.

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As I watch my children grow, I know it’s more important than ever for us to leave this world better than we found it. That’s why NuTraditions helps reforest the hillsides in China’s beautiful Changbai Mountains, where our red ginseng flourishes. To boost the region’s biodiversity, we plant tens of thousands of trees of multiple varieties, including Larix gmelinii (Rupr.) Kuzen, Pinus koraiensis Sieb, and Picea koraiensis Nakai. These trees provide cover for the shade-loving red ginseng seed as it grows.

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Sincerely, Wilson Lau Wilson Lau